Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 3: Weather! {Visual Lesson Plans}

Tomorrow we kick off one of my favorite units. {Yes, I think I say that about every unit... but I really love this one!!} Tomorrow we start our two week study on weather! The first week of weather I focus mainly on the essential question, "What is Weather?", Clouds, and Storms. Our curriculum's theme this week is also "storms" so it is nice that everything is integrated. 

 Here is a peek at what we will be covering:

We will start our morning using Lyndsey's {A Year Of Many "Firsts"} Morning Work packet. I seriously love everything she makes and this packet is no different. In fact, it is a great way to get your students ready for the day!

To practice reading words with short vowel sounds in them, we will play a quick word sort game. Of course the activity is weather themed to tie everything all together. {After we play this game, it will become a center for the week.}

In Language this week we will also learn what a character is. We will read many picture books to help us understand characters. We will learn how to use context clues to determine how a character is feeling. 

A few of the books that I will use are:

Our writing objective states that we will learn how to read and write captions. For this I created an activity to integrate our Science standards. I am so excited to teach this tomorrow. 

For this activity I found a bunch of weather pictures and created a work mat for my students to use.  To begin the lesson I will display some pictures on my TV and we will create captions together. Then my students will pick out a picture and write a caption for it 

After we practice this skill, it will become a literacy center for the week.

The rest of my Literacy Centers this week are also weather themed!

My students LOVE unscrambling poems at the poetry center. This week we have three new weather poems and songs to unscramble. I know they will love these! 
{I will also use these poems in my small groups this week to find rhyming words.}

We will practice reading and sorting rhyming tornadoes.

And finally they will have to read weather riddles and figure out what the mystery word is! 
Each riddle has an envelope on the back of it with the answer in it.
 {The two pictured do not go together!}

Our extensions and activities will look like this! 

Last year my class LOVED these activities and I can't wait to see what this new group thinks of them! I especially can't wait until Friday to do our "cloud in a jar" Science experiment! These are all available in my Weather Activities Pack! 

If you would like to purchase these literacy centers, just click on the button below! They are on sale for this week only!! 

Click HERE to download my visual plans! All of the activities are clickable once you download them! 

I'm linking  up with Deedee from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten once again! Click on her button to see more visual plans!

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  1. Can I ask what curriculum you use at your school? Also are you required to do your lesson plans online?
    I love the visual lesson plans! They look great.

    1. Laura- We use Texas Journeys for Language Arts! We are required to upload our lesson plans on the public drive at our school each Friday. {However, we need to use a specific format and include the TEKS in them.} These visual plans are just for me and for my blog readers. The school never sees them! I just know that they help some teachers and I am a visual person, so they help me as well! I'm glad you like them!

  2. You are doing Journeys so is your story this week The Storm? Just wondering how you incorporate all this into your reading block with Journeys too!
    Rambling About Reading

    1. Jess- Yes, my story this week is "The Storm." The captions extend the writing element, the centers review rhyming from weeks 1 and 2, the poems work on fluency and accuracy, and the sight words games review the words to know! I also add in a few higher-leveled centers for my "high flyers" and the short vowel sort is a great review. While 4 groups of students are at their Literacy Centers, I meet with a small group of students and we work on some of the other areas of the curriculum.

  3. I'm so sorry if you already answered this in your posts. First let me say how much I love, love, love your blog and your TPT products. I purchased all of you science activity packs! My firsties really enjoyed learning about the sun, earth, and moon thanks to your awesome science skills :)
    I'm about to start a unit on weather. I so want to do everything you talked about on your blog and the activities from my "Weather activities experiments, crafts, and more" but was confused about the sequence you introduced each concept and what additional resources you used to teach with. I would really appreciate any help you can give me. For example in week one I saw you put you teach What is Weather, What are cumulonimbus clouds, and what are storms. I have all the great activities and experiments you created, but what/how did you introduce and teach those skills? Thank you so much for your help!

  4. Hi Kirsten, your resources are amazing. Thank you for the fabulous worksheets. I would like to implement my own ideas and was wondering if you could tell me which program or resource you use to make your materials. It would be a great help to me to know. Thank you again! Mahjabeen.

  5. could you please have a look at my blog