Saturday, December 8, 2012

Whoville Trees: A fun Sequence of Events Activity

This week we used "The Grinch" as our theme of the week. We loved reading the book, using inferences to explain how the characters were feeling and culminated our week of Grinch inspired activities by making Whoville Trees.

If you would like to duplicate this activity we will need:
Sugar Cones
Plates, plastic cups, and spoons
and colored icing

We discussed how the trees were different colors and how Dr. Seuss uses his imagination when creating his images. We then went to town decorating our trees.

If you place a big glob of icing on the plates, the cones don't move around and it makes it easier to decorate.

I give each of my students their own plastic cup with a few spoonfuls of icing. This makes for happy students and a happy teacher!

My class loved using their creative genius to decorate their trees. The conversations during the activity where fantastic and of course they LOVED eating the trees afterwards!

After we had enjoyed our decorating and eating, we cleaned up and then got to work writing a sequence of events piece detailing how we made our trees. The students really enjoyed this writing activity and wrote using such descriptive sentences!


  1. AWESOME and DELICIOUS at the same time! The kids look so happy!!! Could you imagine the world without Dr. Seuss? I think NOT!
    Happy Holidays!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  2. My firsties would love love love this!! I'm your 300th follower! Yay!

    The Hive